Hydrocooler by water shower

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Maxwell hydrocoolers have a perfect design, which achieves a very high performance and low energy consumption. These hydrocoolers are perfect for post-harvest cooling as the residence time, equipment and cooling specifications are designed to meet your needs.

What is it for?

The Hydrocooler quickly reduces the core temperature of fresh produce, prolonging shelf life and preserving taste and appearance.

How does it work?

The system consists of a flooded stainless steel heat exchanger on which ice accumulates.

A shower system sprays water onto the pallets and returns to the pool containing the ice water and heat exchanger. With this system the water does not rise above 0,5ºC.


-Capacity for 4 pallets loaded at a height of approximately 1.7 m.
-Water tank made of food grade polyester, thermally insulated and with a capacity of 3500 L.
-Manual valve for emptying and cleaning the tank.
-Water level control system in the tank regulated by AISI 316 stainless steel float valve.
-Submerged stainless steel plate heat exchanger with 52 m2 exchange surface.
-Mixed structure of galvanized steel (powder coated) and stainless steel AISI 316L.
-Refrigerating panel closure with all internal faces in stainless steel AISI 316.
-Support bases for pallets built in electrowelded grille and with filters for impurities of calibre =3mm.
-Water pump with a flow rate of 40 m3/h and pre-filter in suction.
-The equipment counts on 4 superior showers of great flow with nozzle of full cone and square pattern constructed in stainless steel 316 L. In addition to 8 smaller lateral points located in the 4 corners with the same system as the previous ones.
-Capacity of ice accumulation in the exchanger guaranteeing a water temperature in the tank close to 0°C.
-Water agitation system in the tank by means of forced air bubbles to increase convection and improve heat exchange.
-Dedicated electric panel integrated in the equipment.
-4 pallets every 10 minutes.
-Cooling capacity : 2000 kg of cherries in 15 minutes.

Technical data

Model HC4 
Serial number 180311-XXX 
Capacity 4 pallets 1,20m*1,00m*1,7m 
Cooling fluid Propylene glycol / Temper -20 / Ammonia
Refrigerant inlet temperature (°C) -5 
Voltage (V)   400 
Phases 3 
Frequency (Hz) 50 
Maximum intensity (A) 16 
Maximum flow rate of pumped water (m3/h) 40 
Maximum stirring air flow rate (m3/h) 70 
Cooling capacity (kW) 291 
Maximum energy in ice storage (kWh) 140 
Dimensions (L*W*H) 3006mm*2520mm*3974mm